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A selection of projects and case studies.

Reinventing Intelligence: Growth and Adding Value

The transformation of an unstructured news-based intelligence service to a data driven, standardised and actionable intelligence product enhancing not only quality but increasing its market value. 

Stepping up to the Legacy: Kickstarting New Growth £3M+

A legacy 100+ year old brand faced stagnant growth and attributed it to a shrinking market. Reputation alone was no longer going to keep it afloat, but after utilising some unconventional analysis and refreshed strategy, within 2 years growth had accelerated significantly.

Seeing Beyond the Loss: Strategic Insights and Decision-Making

After a problematic contract loss the company needed to determine whether further investment in R&D or divestment of the business unit was the optimal course of action. Analysis and innovative thinking were able to provide another solution.

Revitalising Success: Uncovering Market Potential from Within

A once-leading product was experiencing declining market share, after a comprehensive internal, competitor and market analysis that provided a clearer picture the intelligence allowed sales to double its pipeline. 

Creating Footprints: Finding routes into the Asia-Pacific Region

The objective was to expand the business and establish a strategic foothold in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region where there was no current presence at all. Before investment was made the idea need to be thoroughly explored and opportunities understood. A thorough analysis allowed senior leadership to make critical-decisions based on intelligence and data and grow the footprint of the company.

Creating community: Fostering Gender Diversity and Empowering Leaders

Around 80% of the global healthcare workforce yet at senior leadership level this dips below 20%. Gender disparity in healthcare leadership, is often further exaggerated by female leaders not being seen on expert panels, in publications or on TV. Feedback highlighted the need for more female voices in publishing content and conference discussions. To address this, the company established a Women in Healthcare community, promoting interviews with women in senior positions and conference speakers to cultivate a network of excellence.

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